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JW Mudjacking & Concrete Leveling | Portage, WIThe driveway is the unsung hero of a home. What seems like a forgettable patch of concrete actually carries a lot of “weight,” so to speak, every time your car drives over it. A driveway is also a place where people walk, play basketball, or even congregate during a barbecue. For these reasons and more, it’s smart to invest in driveway repair when you notice your concrete has sunken or cracked. 

Here at JW Mudjacking, driveways are our most common concrete leveling projects. While it may not be the most exciting of home repairs, hiring an expert concrete leveler like JW Mudjacking can ensure no further damage happens to this commonly used concrete surface. Each time you drive your car over a sunken driveway, you add a little more stress to the affected area. Over time, this can lead to significant sinking, cracking, or even upheaval that can make the area unsafe and unusable. 

Why should I repair my concrete driveway? 

Sunken, cracked, or upheaved concrete indicates that there is a problem with the soil underneath it. Perhaps a plumbing leak or years of wet weather has washed away the soil, or creeping tree roots have caused it to move and shift. When the concrete on top of the soil begins to sink, it puts additional pressure on the soil underneath it, which can lead to water movement towards your home foundation and potential leaks and damage to your basement. Luckily, all of these scenarios can be mended or avoided with expert concrete leveling services. 

Is concrete leveling cheaper than replacing concrete? 

No matter the cause, mudjacking and polyjacking can help level out your concrete driveway and is significantly cheaper and easier than replacing the concrete. While every project is different, you can expect a concrete leveling project to cost about $2 to $5 per square foot, while replacing concrete can cost up to $9 per square foot. Mudjacking is also a much faster fix; you can begin to drive or walk on a leveled surface within hours while waiting for new concrete to dry can take days. 

How does concrete leveling work? 

Concrete leveling starts with drilling small holes in the affected area. Then, we use either a mud mixture (mudjacking) or a polyfill mixture (polyjacking) to fill in space underneath the concrete until it comes level. Then, we refill the holes drilled in the concrete. This is a relatively easy and quick process that will not disturb your lifestyle or landscape. Yep, it’s that simple! 

Unsure if concrete leveling is right for your driveway? Give JW Mudjacking a call to schedule your free consultation.