Concrete Leveling for Water Tank & Storage Tank Slabs

A black and white picture of an uneven storage tankConcrete slabs are an integral part of the foundations for water tanks and storage tanks, providing strong, durable structures to support these vital systems. Over time, however, concrete slabs can sink or settle due to shifting soils and other environmental factors. When this occurs, it can lead to major structural issues that require professional repair in order to prevent further damage to the tank’s foundation.

How to Level Concrete Slabs Under Tanks

Concrete leveling is a process designed to correct sunken or uneven concrete slabs. The two most popular methods are mudjacking and poly leveling.

Mudjacking involves the injection of a heavy cement slurry beneath the slab in order to raise and level it out. This method is usually recommended for smaller jobs due to its quick installation time and low material cost.

Poly leveling utilizes a lightweight polyurethane foam that expands and lifts up uneven surfaces with greater control over lifting deeper or shifting foundations. This is often preferred for large projects or those where minimal disruption to adjacent buildings or landscaping is desired.

How to Choose a Concrete Leveling Contractor

When selecting a contractor for either mudjacking or poly leveling services, it’s important to choose one with experience performing repairs on water tanks and storage tank slabs. They should be knowledgeable about local building codes and regulations so that your job meets all necessary requirements for safety and compliance with any applicable laws. It’s also beneficial if the contractor offers additional services such as post-leveling maintenance as well as warranties on their work in order to ensure long-lasting results from your investment into repairing your tank’s foundation.

JW Mudjacking in Portage, WI specializes in solving uneven or sinking concrete problems for water tank projects. With years of experience providing mudjacking and poly leveling services, we are trusted to provide reliable solutions to water tank slabs and foundations. Our team of experienced professionals understands the importance of precise and accurate work to ensure your water tank project’s safe and efficient operation.

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